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I thought the UnO firmware was free?

It is. However, the FCB1010 firmware cannot be updated over MIDI; you need to "burn" the new code into an EPROM using an dedicated burner, which means:

  1. Either you buy the required tools (costly and complex, especially if it's just for this one update).
  2. Or you can order a ready-made EPROM here, by the way directly supporting my work!

The total cost of this second option is 24 EUR, with free worldwide shipping.
Here is a photo of Image the UnO package you'll receive.

Kemper owners, please pay attention! If you are after the UnO4Kemper chip, which is optimized for KPA control, please click here instead.


Shortly after clicking the button below, your UnO eprom will be shipped, so please verify that the shipping address used in your PayPal payment is correct!

Bank Transfer

Doing a bank transfer is free within EU/EEA only. Send your address to uno@ossandust.be, and use following data to do the transfer:

Name Xavier De Donder
IBAN BE26 7509 4855 0129
Bank AXA Bank Belgium nv
Grotesteenweg 214 - B-2600 Antwerpen