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About UnO

  1. How does the UnO firmware compare to the official Behringer firmware?
    the detailed comparison sheet.
  2. Which features do I lose when replacing the Behringer firmware with UnO?
    None. If you don't activate the UnO specific stompbox mode, an UnO-equipped FCB1010 will behave exactly like an original one, except for the bugfixes mentioned in the comparison sheet above.
  3. Can I still revert to Behringer firmware if I want to?
    Sure, all you need to do is take a backup of your setup before upgrading. In case you want to revert, just insert the original EPROM again and reload your original setup.
  4. Which editor can I use to program the UnO equipped FCB1010?
    FCB/UnO ControlCenter is our own editor, which can be used both for regular and for UnO-equipped FCB1010s. A Mac version and a Windows version are available
    Ripwerx is a free Java-based editor, fully compatible with UnO firmware. It can set up all features, including the UnO specific stompbox mode.
    Ed Dixon's PC Editor can be used but appears to have some restrictions with regards to UnO programming (e.g. no option to choose which switch row is used for stompboxes).
    The iFCB Mac editor does not support UnO.
  5. Which version of the UnO firmware do you ship?
    We ship the latest version, which is v.1.0.4.
    Attention Ripwerx / PC Editor users! Since the latest UnO firmware version is more recent than the most recent editor versions, the firmware version check will fail. Don't worry, this doesn't influence the actual working of the editors, you can still use them for UnO v.1.0.4 patchdumps.
  6. I have problems exchanging patchdumps between PC and FCB1010. Will the upgrade solve this?
    That's possible, but definitely not guaranteed. UnO version 1.0.3 introduced a few changes in the communication protocol, and added extra possibilities to use smaller SysEx messages for patchdumps. This allows a larger number of MIDI-USB interfaces to be usable for FCB1010 patchdumps.

About the upgrade

  1. Does this upgrade void the warranty?
    We cannot tell, since we are not affiliated with Behringer. However, Behringer offers upgrade chips for their own firmware too, so the fact that an EPROM has been replaced should not void the warranty.
    In all cases, it is always a good idea to keep your original EPROM and install it again when your FCB1010 needs to be shipped back to Behringer for repair.
  2. Is it difficult to do the upgrade?
    No it isn't. The most difficult part is removing the hotglue from the original EPROM. This needs to be done with extra care not to damage the chip, socket, or surrounding electronics. Always take the necessary precautions against electrostatic discharge when working with electronics. More detailed installation instructions can be found here in
    the upgrade manual.
  3. Do I risk to damage my unit by upgrading?
    The use of the UnO chip itself cannot damage your FCB1010. It's just alternative firmware, offering different functionality. It has been used by many over the past 4 years, so its stability has been proven. On the other hand, whenever you open the housing of a device and interfere with its electronics, there is a slight chance for damage.
    Make sure to take the necessary precautions against electrostatic discharge. Also, make sure not to damage the board while removing the hot glue from the original chip. Do it carefully and patiently!
  4. My UnO EPROM doesn't seem to fit in the EPROM socket. What's wrong?
    All ICs leave the factory with their pins slightly bent outwards, in order to accommodate automated insertion machinery. Before manually inserting an IC into its socket, it's a good idea to gently bend all pins slightly inward, by resting the IC on its side on a flat surface.
  5. Do I need a 32K or 64K UnO EPROM?
    Doesn't matter, both types are 100% compatible with the FCB1010 hardware, we ship the EPROM type which is most commonly available at the moment.
  6. The original EPROM was glued into the socket. Should I glue the new chip also?
    No, that's not necessary. The IC socket is designed to hold the chip firmly without need for extra glue.

About the shipping

  1. Is the shipping insured? Which tracing info do we receive?
    Due to the relatively low price, shipping is done using regular post service. This means no tracking and no insurance. However, our experience of the past few years shows that regular post is sufficiently reliable. If needed we can require the package to be signed by the recipient; this will provide limited tracking info, and a refund is done in case the package never arrives. There is an extra charge of 6 Euro for this service,
    email me if you want to use it.
  2. How long does shipping take?
    We usually ship UnO EPROMs the day after ordering in case of PayPal payment. In case of payment through bank transfer, it can take a few days for the payment to be processed - and for us to notice it. Again, due to the use of regular post service, it is hard to give an accurate delivery time.
    In most cases, delivery takes 2 to 4 days within Europe, and 1 to 2 weeks for the US and Canada. We had feedback of a few shipments to the UK and Italy which took 3 to 4 weeks, and to more distant locations (Australia, South America, ...) which took up to 6 weeks, but these should be exceptions.
  3. I didn't get any confirmation email! Did you receive my order?
    Instead of emailing each of you personally, we concentrate on getting your order shipped within one day. So rest assured that your EPROM is on its way. If you are in doubt just contact us and we'll respond with the exact date of shipping. As mentioned above no accurate delivery time can be given.